Photo Gallery

Handheld 2.5kva Portable Spot Welder

Westken imports a small hand held spot welder for the very light duty handyman work. This machine comes standard with 125mm long arms but the client may purchase extended arms up to 300mm long.

7100 Gooseneck Pointed 12.7mm x 22mm Offset MT1

CuCrZr Gooseneck Pointed 12.7mm Diameter with 32mm offset with MT1 Taper

Transformer 200kva Bull Busta

This transformer can be set up as either a machine transformer or, with the addition of the water cooled jumper bar, a hanging transformer.

Tip Dresser Pneumatic Ratchet Type Handheld

The pneumatic or air type tip dresser is used in production assembly cells where the operator or maintenance is responsible for tip dressing. 

Econofoot Pedestal Spot Welders

The foot operated “Econofoot” spotwelding machine is our medium duty foot operated spotwelding machine. The machine is a more cost effective option to the higher duty “Series-90” foot pedal spotwelding machines. This type of foot pedal machine is common and used throughout the fabrication industry.  

Timer Digipak T1DP1

The “Digipak 1” timer control system is our new digital level simple single weld and single heat control welding timer used mainly on foot pedal type spot welders. This timer will replace the T1AP1-02