Consumables for Spot Welding Machines

Westken stocks a wide range of consumables for Spot Welders we have a standard range of tips and tip holders and also manufacture special tips and tooling to suit customer requirements.

XP13 Type Tips

The XP13 type tips are available in different shapes, the are used in conjuntion with the WG225 Cap Adaptors

Caps Female 16mm Diameter & 13mm Diameter

Westken stocks a range of CuCrZr Female Caps in 16mm Diameter (EK2) and 13mm Diameter (EK1), these caps are used in conjuction with ES1 & ES2 Cap Adaptors

Bent & Straight Tip, Cap and Screw Adaptors

Westken stocks a range of straight and bent cap & tip adaptors that are available in 20mm Dia and16mm Dia (MT2) in various offsets. These adaptors are manufactured to suit either XP13 type tips or EK1 and EK2 caps.

Pointed Straight Spot Welding Tip CuCrZr

Pointed tips are available in 16mm Dia (MT2) 12.7mm Dia (MT1) in various lengths

Flat Top Straight Spot Welding Tip CuCrZr

Flat top tips are available in 16mm Dia (MT2) 12.7mm Dia (MT1) in various lengths

Offset Point Straight Spot Welding Tip CuCrZr

Offset point tips are available in 16mm Dia (MT2) 12.7mm Dia (MT1) in various lengths

Goosenecks and Bent Tips

Bent tips and goosenecks are available in 20mm Dia (No taper),16mm Dia (MT2) and 12.7mm Dia (MT1) in various offsets. Normal pointed, offset point, flat tops as well as goosenecks with tapers for EK1, EK2 and XP13 are available.

Swivels & Anvils MT2 & MT1

Westken manufacures swivel tips with 25mm or 32mm base as well as square and round anvils all are available in MT1 or MT2

Tip Holders & Drum Locks 25mm Diameter & 32mm Diameter

Westken has a standard range of Tip Holders for our spot welding machines, we also manufacture Tip Holders to suit customer requirements.  

Offset Tip Holders

Offset tip holders are available in both 25mm and 32mm shafts.

"T" Bars for Wire Welding

"T" Bars can be used on the 50kva and 100/150kva Pedestal Welders. The "T" bars are available in differents widths and shaft sizes.

Seam Wheels CuCrZr

Westken stocks billets of CuCrzR therefor seamwheels can be cut to customer requirements. 

Nut Welding Applications

Westken manufactures a range of Nut Die Sets. The Nut Die sets are available with standard mild steel pins or ceramic coated pins.

7209 Pointed Gooseneck MT2 40mm Offset

7209 Gooseneck Pointed Tip 40mm Offset MT2

7210 Gooseneck Offset Point MT2

7210 Gooseneck with offset point MT2

7211 Gooseneck Pointed32mm Offset x MT2

7211 Gooseneck Pointed Tip Mt2 16mm Diameter x 32mm Offset (Between Centres) x 75mm High

FD25212-16 Offset Point Gooseneck MT2 x 25mm Offset

FD25212-16 Offset Point Gooseneck 25mm Offset x MT2

XP13 Pointed Tip Heavy Duty

XP13 Pointed Tip

N33A Tip with XP13 type Taper

N33A tip with XP13 type taper