Masterweld Intergun Panel

The panel is standard with earth protection on/off isolation switch, constant current. The panel is standard with Powder coated cabinet with hinged door and panel key lock out. 160amp water cooled thermostat protected Semipak thyristor switch, Step down transformer and backing board, spike resistor, connector strip, fuse for 380v control voltage.WK-MW-15 timer control with interface PC board & power standoff connectors, Water bulkhead fittings, all wiring, piping and connectors,

Features present within the control are;

15 programs availability each program can be individually selectable and programmable. Program setup consisting of, pre-squeeze, squeeze, upslope, weld one/heat one, cool one, weld two/heat two, cool two, weld three/heat three, down slope, hold time, off, repeat pulse. Constant current using a Primary "CT" feedback coil.  Automatic weld current adjustment in constant current mode using an upper and lower weld limits. When the system senses a weld out of preset limits control can be setup to stop welding or indicate faulty weld via output i.e. lamp or siren. Optional weld wear compensation using the remote hand programmer. Pulse start for automation systems and sustained start switching for normal or manual welding operations. Sequential program or setup L.E.D readouts.  Local or remote binary program select. Full upslope and down slope availability. End of Sequence pulse for automatics and robotics. Alarm functionality inclusive of, abnormal power, SCR out of balance, SCR thermo fault, illegal data alarm, current flow - too high/ too low, stepper alarm. Membrane facia set up and programming.