Spot Welders

Michi 25kva, 35/50kva Foot Operated, 35/50kva Bulldog, 50kva Econospot Air Operated, 50kva Series-90 Air Operated, 100/150kva Powerspot Air Operated, 100/150kva Stronghold Air Operated.  

Projection Welders

35/50kva Bulldog, 50kva Series-90,100/150kva Stronghold, PA2 Type Machine, PA3 Type Machine.

Butt Welders

35kva Butt Welder & 75/100kva Flash Butt Welder.

Seam Welders

  50kva Series-90, 100/150kva Stronghold, PA2 Frame Type.

Weld Guns, Transformer, Robot,Servo & Handhelds

Westken manufactures and supplies various types of welding guns, these are normally client specific. We will supply information on request.

Dedicated Machines

Carousel, conveyor, index and manual machine systems 

Pre-Owned Machines

Foot Operated, Air Operated Machines, Seam Welders & Automated Systems