Accessories and Spare Parts for Spot Welders

Westken stocks all spare parts for our range of spot welding machines, as well as a range of accessories for use on spot welders.


35L Dual Cooling Unit 220v

Westken also manufacture's a basic cooling unit which will assist the small business owner who only runs one or two machines.

Pressure Tester

The device that we offer you is manufactured in Europe and is fully imported into South Africa by Westken. The device can measure tip pressure up to and including 1000kg. The unit uses a hydraulic load cell that is placed between the welding electrodes once the welding current has been switched off.  PLEASE NOTE: It is important that the...

Weld Analyzer

The weld analyzer is an instrument for measuring and controlling the electric parameters of resistance welders, for example: spot welders, projection welders, butt welders, seam welders, single phase and 50Hz three phase welders. It is supplied and equipped with toroidal sensor and feeding cable. it checks the quality of the effected welds by...

Pneumatic Equipment

Westken stocks a wide range of ISO pneumatic equipment from solenoids, filter-regulator-lubricators and a variety of air fittings as well as tubing.

Firing Units, Thyristors & Resistors

Westken stocks are range of Thyrisor and Firing units as well as Resistors to suit our spot welding machines.

50kva Machine Transformer

50KVA Watercooled Encapsulated Machine Transformer 380v

100/150kva Machine Transformer

The 100/150kva machine transformer is a single wound secondary type water cooled transformer enclosed in a steel box with full resin encapsulation as used in our pedestal welders. The transformer is constructed within a silver zinc plated box. 

400kva Machine Transformer Encapsulated

The 400kva transformer, which was initially designed for seam welders, is a multi secondary fully encapsulated high duty cycle transformer. 

Switch 80Amp 2Pole Main Isolator

The 80amp Rotary Cam Isolator Switch is used on the smaller range of spot welding machines.

Seal Kits

Westken stocks a variety of seal kits for different machines

Limit Switch N/O N/C for Foot Operated Spot Welders

Limit Switch for Foot Operated Spot Welders

Nut Verification System

The NWC-01 weld nut verification system is a device where the weld nut is checked prior to welding and then again after the weld has taken place.

Robot Service Panel

The Westken robot cell service panel is a stand-alone system. The backing panel has been manufactured using laser cut and bent steel plate finished with a hard wearing white powder coat. 

Tip Dresser Rachet Type

Westken Tip Dresser Rachet Type

Robotic Tip Dressing System

Automatic Tip Dresser

Tip Dresser Pneumatic Ratchet Type Handheld

The pneumatic or air type tip dresser is used in production assembly cells where the operator or maintenance is responsible for tip dressing. 

Water Flow Indicator Wheel Type

Water Flow Indicators Wheel Type

Water Flow Switch with Electric Flow Sensor

Westken Multi-Tech Devices make Piston Type Flow Switches are designed for a variety of industrial applications wherein low flow monitoring is required with relatively better accuracy and repeatability.

Water Flow Indicator Ball Float Type

Water flow indicators are designed to monitor the flow of water at both maximum and minimum flow rates.