Introduction to Spot Welders

Spot welding for newcomers and others By Andy Stephenson

Introduction to words and terms

There are a lot of words that are used to explain functions and facilities used on a resistance welding, spot welders and their timers so let have a look at some of them. Please note this is a generalization of words / terms meant to help those new to this industry, not an in depth study of what each word or term means so please understand that...

Handheld 2.5kva Portable Spot Welder

Westken imports a small hand held spot welder for the very light duty handyman work. This machine comes standard with 125mm long arms but the client may purchase extended arms up to 300mm long.

250kva Projection Welder

The “250kva ” air operated welding machine is a large frame true projection welding machine. The machine has a fabricated main center frame using 50mm flame cut upright welded to a 16mm base plate to give support and strength to the machine. All additional internal frame structures are manufactured from laser cut sheet steel and welded...

M.I.G. and T.I.G. Welders

Westken offers a range of M.I.G and T.I.G welders that cover most applications of our clients.

Tip Dresser Pneumatic Ratchet Type Handheld

The pneumatic or air type tip dresser is used in production assembly cells where the operator or maintenance is responsible for tip dressing. 

Water Flow Switch with Electric Flow Sensor

Westken Multi-Tech Devices make Piston Type Flow Switches are designed for a variety of industrial applications wherein low flow monitoring is required with relatively better accuracy and repeatability.

Water Flow Indicator Ball Float Type

Water flow indicators are designed to monitor the flow of water at both maximum and minimum flow rates.

Battery Tag Welder 220V

The Battery Tag Welder is a bench mounted system with fully adjustable welding parameters and height adjustable welding table.     

“T” bars and Retract Facility

The Westken air operated machines have two optional extras available to allow them to improve certain welding functions. The Westken range of machine can be fitted with “T” bars and retract systems to improve productivity and usability. 

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Manual for 50kva Air Operated Spot Welder

 50kva Westken air operated spotwelders Common Manual Covering the “Bulldog” Bench Welder,“EconoSpot 50” & Series-90

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Introduction to Spot Welding

Spot welding for newcomers and others By Andy Stephenson

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Introduction to Timers

Explaining Spot welding timers for newcomers & others By Andy Stephenson

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